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Looking for your next Educational P.D.?


Why not learn at the most magical place on Earth?

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Discovering Disney World's Hidden Magic
999 Secrets of Walt Disney World's Attractions and Parks
 Available NOW- $14.95

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Disney World Street Photography
"Walking The Most Magical Place On Earth
 Available NOW- $19.95

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We are inspired by the innovation, creativity, storytelling and magic of Walt Disney - the person and the company. We engage educators with the ideas from the life of Walt Disney and the Disney Company in ways that can be applied creatively in the classroom. Learn along with us as we share ways to bring magic into education!



We will communicate with social media, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and visual media  with resources, stories and strategies about how to make classrooms magic. We hope to build a celebratory community of educators who are committed to bringing innovation, creativity, making, storytelling and magic into their learning environments.



  1. This site is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with, approved by, authorized by, or otherwise related to the Walt Disney Company or any of its related companies.

  2. All artwork on this site is copyrighted and/or trademarked by the Walt Disney Company ; one of its related companies; or others sources sited above.. Thank you, Disney, for not issuing DMCA take-down notices when fans express their enthusiasm for things Disney.

  3. Other trademarks like Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Walt Disney Imagineering, etc. belong to the Walt Disney Company or its related companies.

  4. This site is the creation of Howie DiBlasi and Ryan Boeckman, life-long fans of WDI’s magic. They have never worked for WDI or any other Disney company. Their plan is to “Share The Magic” with likeminded educators from around the world..

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