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Iger Resolutions For The New Year!

In today’s My Disney Class Podcast episode, Ryan and Howie talk about the future of Disney now that Iger is back and making changes in the new year! We all make resolutions this time of year and Disney is no different. Howie and Ryan discuss some of these future predictions for the Disney company in 2023 and talk about why these may happen and what caused the need for the possible change.

On this show, Ryan and Howie dive deep into the articles that have been recently written and published about Bob Iger returning to his role as CEO of the Walt Disney Company. They also discuss how Bob Chapek fairly or unfairly gets blamed for the needed return of Bob Iger to right the Disney ship. 

When you think about the CEO of a company and the Board of Directors that makes all these sweeping decisions that trickle down through the company, it’s not hard to draw a parallel connection to how a Superintendent and the Board of Education work. There are two basic approaches to the style of leadership that a CEO or Superintendent can take. The first is a dictatorship, where the CEO can isolate themselves from the board and try to make all the decisions themselves, or the second choice is where they take a more democratic approach and work with the board. I think we all know which way tends to work best in our school districts and it’s not really that different for major companies like Disney. Ryan and Howie speculate on how Mr. Chapek’s approach and Mr. Iger’s approaches to their management style differ and what that has led us to today in the Disney community and world while also influencing what might come from it as well. They will also share their personal hopes and wishes for 2023 to wrap it all up.

We hope you enjoyed our evaluation of Chapek and Disney’s 2022, as well as our look to the future in 2023! We also would like to take this time to personally thank each and every one of our listeners and supporters. You made 2022 a year to remember and we can’t wait to experience the magic of the My Disney Class community in 2023.  Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to join the fun and supportive community we have in our Facebook group, Educators who love Disney, and don’t forget to rate and review our podcast on Apple music. Your support and feedback will only make us better!


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