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The Three Caballeros Announce Magical Graduate Class.

Join Ryan and Howie as they welcome an old friend Jerry Johnston back to the show.  The self proclaimed three Caballeros have a huge announcement of a new partnership between My Disney Class and Buena Vista University. Howie, Jerry, and Ryan will be offering a graduate level class through Buena Vista University that will help participants bring the Magic of Disney into their classrooms and schools.  Oh and by the way, this online class has a special field trip.  Yep you guessed it, we are going to take a week long field trip to the most Magical classroom of all, Walt Disney World!  Listen as we discuss what is going to make this class so special as well as what the course will cover.  We wrap this show up with Jerry sharing some of his experiences of taking students down to WDW.  He shares how some of his students thought that a mouse couldn’t teach them anything and by the second day they were confessing how wrong they were.  We hope you enjoy this show but more importantly we hope you will consider joining us on this unbelievable opportunity to earn graduate level credit by learning from a very special mouse.


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