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Space Pirates.

In this episode of My Disney Class, Howie and Ryan discuss two more of their favorite attractions.  Today we are talking about Space Mountain and The Pirates of the Caribbean.  As Ryan and Howie discuss the history of these attractions they also share lessons ideas that these classic attractions have inspired.  We start with a journey through a Space Station on our way to board a rocket that is about to blast off and take us on an adventure through space.  Not only is this one of the most classic attractions in the park but it’s also packed with learning opportunities and inspirations that you can bring into your classroom.  Listen as Ryan brings some of his ideas to the table about how you can use Space Mountain in education.  Howie then grabs his sword and parrot and heads to the high seas as the captain of his own educational ship. From History to Communication Arts, Pirates of the Caribbean has all the educational ties you need to fill your lesson plans with adventure and engagement.  Howie wraps up the show with sharing some of his ideas about what topics would play well with the pirates, I mean your students.  We hope you enjoy our inspirations from these attractions as well as find inspiration yourself for use in your classroom.


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