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Discussion with Disney Historian-- Jim Korkis

Today Howie and Ryan welcome a very special guest, Disney Historian and author Jim Korkis.  Jim has had a connection to Disney since very early on when his elementary teacher was none other than Mrs. Disney!  Yes, his teacher was married to an actual Disney, though according to his teacher all that got her was a lot of free passes to Disneyland.  Hey that sounds great to me.


Jim shares his journey from Mrs. Disney’s classroom all the way to his own classroom, where he taught English and Drama.  He then shares with us how he incorporated Disney in his teaching as well as how he now incorporates what he learned from the classroom in his Disney work today.  


We then take a closer look at a few of Jim’s vast collection of books that he has authored.  Jim is one of Ryan and Howie’s favorite Disney authors and it’s not just because he’s a great storyteller, which he is, but also because he is someone we can trust for accurate Disney history and facts.  Jim takes pride in making sure that he checks, double checks, and then checks again every fact that he shares.  It’s this diligence and Jim’s ability to entertain through story that makes him one of the best Disney historians and authors out there.  


We hope you enjoy, as much as we did, this conversation with Jim Korkis and we strongly recommend that you pick up one, two or all 30 of his books!


The Vault of Walt: Volume 5: Additional Unofficial Disney Stories Never Told 

Who's Afraid of the Song of the South? And Other Forbidden Disney Stories

Who's the Leader of the Club?: Walt Disney's Leadership Lessons

Looking for more of Jim's books?  Try these two spots:

Theme Park Press

Amazon Jim Korkis Bio Page

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