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The Imagineering Pyramid

with Lou Prosperi

     Today Howie and Ryan welcome game designer and author Lou Prosperi.  Lou has written a book titled The Imagineering Pyramid, which breaks down the process of Imagineering and how you can apply those techniques to other areas. Lou first started out in the game industry as a freelance game designer and writer.  This included time as a product line developer at FASA Corporation, where he worked on the Earthdawn roleplaying game.  Lou now works as a technical writer and instructional designer where he leads a team to help develop curriculum for a large enterprise software company.  In this episode obviously we will focus on how Lou’s pyramid can be applied to education. Join us as we climb this fascinating pyramid and discover how we can bring the creative energy of Imagineering into our schools and classrooms.



Buy Lou's Book The Imagineering Pyramid here Theme Park Press or here Amazon

Imagineering Toolbox Website

Connect with Lou on Facebook here.

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