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Goodbye 2017. Hello, 2018!

Welcome to 2018!  We here at My Disney Class Podcast hope that all of you had a wonderful and safe time ushering out 2017.  We hope that, regardless of how 2017 went for you, you will have a promising and fruitful new year.  


In today’s episode, Howie and Ryan are briefly reflecting back on 2017 and then looking to the future of 2018 and what we hope it brings both in education and in Disney.  Each of them will share their educational Disney resolutions and explain how they hope each will bring positive change.  


Listen as we share how reading more books, creating challenges, connecting to the circle of life and many other resolutions can help you and your school community stick to the visions you have for 2018.  We love looking forward to the new year and the new creative adventures that lie ahead for us.  We also want to take this opportunity to thank all of our listeners, you guys are truly the Magic that creates the beauty of education.  We look forward to learning more about all of you in 2018 and also look forward to all the new members of the My Disney Class community.  



Habits, Not Resolutions: How To Break The New Year Cycle. (Disney Institute Blog Post)

Give Kids The World -Orlando FLA.



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