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Playing in Toy Story Land and Education.

Ryan and Howie are taking a look at play in education.  With the opening of Toy Story Land being announced for this June 30th at Walt Disney World, Howie and Ryan have been wondering about how important play is in education. Listen today as they discuss four fundamental questions surrounding play in education: 1) What is play in education?  2) What does research say about play in education?  3)  Can learning through play really help teachers to achieve their formal lesson goals?  4) What strategies can educators use to implement play in education?

Howie and Ryan, do their best to try to tackle these questions as they share what they have found in their research as well as what they have learned through their own experiences.  We hope you enjoy this episode on play and we hope that it may have inspired you to be more like Andy and create a classroom more like Andy’s room.  ANDY IS COMING…. (silence)

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