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Magic, Makerspaces, and Puppets with Dr. Sam Patterson  

Well, it’s hard to believe that we are closing out on our 3rd season of My Disney Class Podcast! Howie and I can not thank all of you enough for joining us twice a month as we discuss and discover all the Magic going on in Education.  As we close out this season, we are joined by our very special guest, Dr. Sam Patterson. Sam is currently working as the Makerspace Coordinator at Echo Horizon School in Culver City CA which is in the greater Los Angeles area. Sam is an incredible educator that has made his journey from a high school English teacher to elementary teacher to now coordinating and inspiring youth to be dreamers, creators, and doers.


Join us on today’s episode as we close out season number three with a conversation that spans makerspaces to puppets and everything creative in between.  Sam, shares with us how his journey has affected his teaching philosophies and how that has helped him create a classroom environment that helps break down insecurities in his students and allows them to take risks that often pay off in large learning dividends.


We hope you enjoy today’s episode as well as the 23 prior episodes of this season and we hope to see you again for season 4 or My Disney Class Podcast.



Twitter: @SamPatue 

Puppets Tell Jokes YouTube Channel

Center for puppetry arts in Atlanta






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