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In today’s show, Ryan and Howie look at what we can learn from Disney and how they handle disasters.  Disney is a magical empire that is built on some great expectations.  Whether it is families that have saved up all year to take this once in a lifetime vacation or a local that goes once a week, Disney strives to live up to the motto “the happiest place on Earth.”  When planning a Disney vacation it’s hard to imagine that anything could possibly go wrong inside the “Disney Bubble,” but they do and because of Disney’s training and preparation, guests walk away with smiles on their faces even after hurricanes have blown through


After exploring what Disney does to help keep guests safe as well as still enjoying their vacations.  Howie and Ryan discuss resources for how to handle a crisis that occurs at school.  While it is difficult to talk and imagine any of these horrible things happening at our schools, we definitely can agree with Disney that preparation is key to successfully being able to minimize the damage when something does occur at our schools.  One of the best resources we found for preparation for crisis plans and educational material involving education crises is the website  This site is managed and maintained by Jerry Blumengarten, who is an excellent resource for all educators and does a wonderful job gathering and organizing information that covers any disaster that you could imagine.   We hope you never have to use any of these emergency action plans in real life but we do hope you find them useful in making sure you and your school building are prepared for whatever may come your way.




Jerry Blumengarten's website Disaster Resources.










Learning From Disney Disasters

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