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In today’s show, Ryan and Howie welcome back Jeffery Barnes, author of Wisdom of Walt. Leadership Lessons from the Happiest Place on Earth.  Jeff is back and has a new book appropriately titled, Beyond the Wisdom of Walt. Life Lessons from the Most Magical Place on Earth.  


In Jeff’s second book, like the title says, he brings us stories and life lessons from those that Walt surrounded himself with to build his magical empire and those that continue to carry on his legacy today.  We hear stories from Imagineers both active and retired, cast members, Disney historians, and many more.  Really though it is the way Jeff tells their stories that make this book such an enjoyable and easy read.


If you have read Jeff’s first book, you will recognize the format of this new book as Jeff has continued the way he has set up the chapters.  Each chapter starts with an inspiring quote and ends with a souvenir stop and hand stamp.  The souvenir stop is a unique way to work through that chapter’s lesson by reflecting on your own personal story and the hand stamp is a hand-picked emotional story by Jeff that will help you remember that chapter’s lesson.


Jeff joins us on today’s show to help us draw from each of these lessons in his chapters and find ways we can improve not only personally but also professionally.  There are so many lessons in Jeff’s books that tie directly to situations we all deal with in our educational journeys and we hope that as we unpack them using Jeff’s book as guidance, you too will find Beyond the Wisdom of Walt as inspirational and valuable as we do.




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Beyond The Wisdom of Walt-- Jeffrey Barnes

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