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In today’s episode, Howie and Ryan are discussing how to be inspired by Disney’s cultural diversity through attractions like Small World, World Showcase, and the wonderful cast members.  As educators, we know that by the time our students join the workforce, they will need the skill and ability to work globally and cross-culturally.  So in today’s show, we ask ourselves are educators prepared to help raise global students?  Teachers with global perspectives can help foster increased cultural understanding and support more students to think, act and live as global citizens.  All educators need to be properly trained and prepared to teach all subjects through a global lens, not just social studies and language arts.

Just like the theme of Small World which helps us remember that the world is small and interconnected, Walt Disney World is filled with reminders and opportunities to explores this to its fullest.  Howie and Ryan will share some of their favorite global experiences and lessons from Small World to around the World Showcase.  We hope you enjoy this week’s episode and also find inspiration to bring some of these global perspectives into your classroom.  











Children of the World and Widening our Perspective.

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