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Magical Gift Ideas for Educators, Students, and Yourself.

In today’s episode, Ryan and Howie discuss their dreams, wishes, and hopes for gifts this holiday season.  Whether you are shopping for a kid’s teacher, an educator in your family, or just going out to bring home yourself a well-deserved gift, we’ve got lots of great ideas for you.  


While it’s true that our best gift this holiday season is the wonderful My Disney Class community that has been blessed with all the great educators, like yourself, that are creating classroom magic every day.  Howie and Ryan share some of there other wishes for both learning as a teacher or student and some that are just plain fun.  From small gifts like a set of Emoji Stamps, yes even the poop emoji, to the larger gifts like augmented reality headsets that can be used in the classroom.   We’ve got all your educational and Disney holiday gift ideas right here and if you didn’t already know you wanted them, you will after listening to this show.


We hope you enjoy this holiday-themed episode but more than that we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy some time off from school or work.  Thank you again for making My Disney Class such a positive learning community and we look forward to growing even more in the new year






Emoji Stamps

Daquri AR Headset

Meccano MeccaNoid-G15-Robot

Circuit Maze Board Game

Call Me Walt: Everything You Never Knew About Walt Disney by Jim Korkis

Spireside Candles









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