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Making Magic with Mrs. Smoke


In today’s episode, Ryan and Howie welcome to the show the wonderfully talented and energetic Dyane Smokorowski or Mrs. Smoke as she goes on Twitter.  Not only is Dyane a dynamic educator but she also has a long list of notable accomplishments.  Including 2013 KS teacher of the year, listed by NSBA in 2009 as Top 20 to watch, Google Certified, EdcampKS Organizer, Educational Speaker, ECET2KS, Instructional Tech Coach, and Skype Master Teacher.  Whew!  This educator is blowing the roof off the profession but we think you will be most impressed by her passion and energy she displays during the podcast.


We hope you enjoy listening to Mrs. Smoke’s story today as she shares with us her passion for bringing Disney Magic to her school and district and how we as educators we can impact our school community.  Topics we discuss range from developing engaging curriculum, working with staff to help foster a growth mindset community, and how incorporating technology, like Skype, can create a global classroom environment.  


We hope you enjoyed listening to another incredible educator and true Edmagineer, Dyane Smokorowski!  We really enjoyed having her on and learned a lot.  We also Disney Geeked out together, which is always fun.  Additionally, we hope all of you have a blessed and joyous holiday season and we wish you a truly Magical New Year!





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