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Pixie Dust And Faith, Faith Plunkett that is!

On today’s show Howie and Ryan welcome Faith Plunkett.  Faith is an Entertainment Technology Academy instructor at Monte Sano Elementary in Huntsville Alabama.  Say what!  This sounds like a dream job for the My Disney Class boys.  Faith not only has an incredible job title but she innovates inside her classroom to create an educational environment that allows students to explore their passions and reach new heights.  


Howie and Ryan could not wait to learn more about this unique program offered in the Huntsville school district and how Faith has helped shape it from very early on in its conception.  The Entertainment Technology Academy (ETA) is a K-12 program that students may elect to continue on with after elementary in middle school and then high school.  Currently, in elementary all students take part in this program which means Faith sees every student in her classroom throughout the year.  This unique opportunity also has its challenges as a kindergartener working in her room will definitely have a different educational technology path than a 5th grader but Faith has some great formulas for working with technology and all of her students.   We hope you enjoy learning about Faith’s story as much as we did and are equally inspired by the way she teaches computer programming, video game design, robotics, creativity, and much much more.




Instagram: missfplunkett


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