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Letting Go Of Control

Welcome to season 4 of My Disney Class Podcast!  Ryan and Howie are thrilled to be starting their fourth season co-hosting the show and are incredibly grateful to all the listeners for tuning in.  In this episode, we look at what it is like to let go, sing it with me now, of control of your classroom as well as letting go of some control during your family visit to WDW.  We know that letting go of control for the first time can be hard whether you're letting your kids visit their first attraction on their own or letting your students choose how they represent their learning.  Either way, we believe that once you do, you won’t regret it and it will make a major difference in the confidence of the children involved.


Howie starts us off on this journey by sharing one of his personal family stories from his last trip to WDW this summer.  He shares how a simple ride on Space Mountain made worlds of difference in confidence and empowerment with his grandkids. He might also let on that the adults learned a little bit too!  


Ryan and Howie then share some of their tips and stories about how they have given up some of the traditional control and power inside their classrooms.  Whether it is in an administrative position or a teacher in the classroom, there are several ways that you can bring your students or staff into a role of empowerment.


We hope that you have enjoyed the last 3 years of the My Disney Class Podcast and we are excited to bring you year 4!  Starting with this important and timely topic of letting go of control in your classroom. We hope that you give it a try this new school year and we wish you the best as you start the new school year.



Book: The Classroom of Choice

How to trust your students (Edutopia)






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