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In this episode of My Disney Class, Howie and Ryan welcome Rebecca Roll.  Rebecca is a Title 1 teacher at Leon Elementary in West Virginia.  Rebecca is incredibly passionate and creative and she shares her excitement for teaching with us on today’s show.  


We were really interested to know how Title 1 work and Rebecca was kind enough to help us understand this program and how she supports her fellow teachers.  She also shares some of her strategies for working with students that come from challenging home environments.  We can definitely tell that Rebecca is a blessing to her students and we know you will enjoy hearing from her.  


We wrap the show up with sharing some of our Disney teaching strategies and Rebecca helps us mash them up with her strategies creating even better lessons that will overall plus our students’ educational experiences.  We hope you enjoy this discussion with Rebecca as much as we did, she truly is a magical teacher.




Twitter: @mrsrebeccaroll


The Best Part of Me - Lesson Plan:


Storytelling in 20 photos... 20 Images About ME

1. Someone I spend  a lot of time with

2. A picture of myself

3. A picture of someone in my family
4. A picture of something that makes me happy
5. An old picture of myself
6. A picture of a sibling

7. Class photo
8. A random photo of you and your significant other

9. A picture I haven't posted online before
10. A relative of mine
11. Someone I tell everything to

12.  A picture from my everyday life

13. A picture from a place I love

14. A picture that reminds me of old times

15. A picture from a great night

16. An unusual picture

17. A picture of my spare time

18. A picture of people who are closest to me

19. A picture of someone who is always there

20. A picture of a time in life I miss



Creative Writing – Critical Thinking


Short, visual stories that you make with family and friends to read, share and print.

Inspire your students to write better and read often.

Used in 400,000+ K-12 classrooms worldwide.
Free for any educational setting. Works with any curriculum or device.







Disney Fan + Title 1 = Disney Classroom Magic

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