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The Imagineering Process with Lou Prosperi.

On today’s episode, Ryan and Howie are talking with author and friend Lou Prosperi about his new book The Imagineering Process. Lou has worked in the game industry for over ten years as a freelance game designer and writer where he worked on the creation of a role-playing game called Eathrdawn.  After this Lou went on to work as a technical writer and instructional designer for a large enterprise software company which he continues to create technical documentation and training for software applications.  Lou is a long time Disney fanatic which started when he and his wife spent their honeymoon at WDW in 1993. Lou’s first book, The Imagineering Pyramid, has been a huge success and you can learn more about it and Lou’s story on a previous episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Season 2, Show 10.


The Imagineering Process will help us as educators go beyond the different levels of the pyramid we discussed in season 2 and really focus more on the creative process that Imagineers use.  Lou helps us break down this process into practical steps that can be applied to any content area lesson planning or activities. We talk through Needs, Requirements, and Restraints, Blue Sky, Concept Development, Design, Construction, Models and Openings, Evaluations, and Show Quality Standards.  All these are chapters in Lou’s book and he helps us understand them each as they apply to Imagineering and how we can then work through them to achieve greatness in our classrooms and schools.


We think you will enjoy hearing Lou’s story as much as we did and we know you will find his book very interesting as well as useful for developing your own classroom magic in your school.  



Book: The Imagineering Process.

Theme Park Press

Website: Imagineering Toolbox

Facebook: @LouProsperi

Pinterest: Imagineering Library

Twitter: @LouProsperi 






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