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Howie and Ryan’s Summer Book List.

Today on My Disney Class Podcasts, Ryan and Howie are celebrating the start of their 5th year of the My Disney Class Podcast! They say time flies when you're having fun and that seems to be true for this podcast crew. Howie and Ryan have enjoyed countless wonderful guests that are Disney fans and incredible educators. The conversations are often fun and inspiring and they are always informative. Ryan and Howie are extremely appreciative of all the support they have received from all their listeners and friends. 

On today’s show, Howie and Ryan are starting the new schools year off by sharing their summer reading lists. They share some of their favorite reads that cover Disney history, what we can learn from Disney and other educational favorites. We hope you enjoy this list and finds a couple of new books that you can dive into and enjoy.



LAUNCH: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student. by John Spencer, A.J. Juliani  

Dream It! Do It!: My Half-Century Creating Disney's Magic Kingdoms. by Martin Skylar

Problem-Based Learning: An Inquiry Approach. By John Barell

One Little Spark!: Mickey's Ten Commandments and The Road to Imagineering. by Martin Skylar

Who's Afraid of the Song of the South? And Other Forbidden Disney Stories. by Jim Korkis 

The Innovator's Mindset: Empower Learning, Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity. by George Couros

Marc Davis: Walt Disney's Renaissance Man. by Disney Book Group

Beyond the Wisdom of Walt: Life Lessons from the Most Magical Place on Earth. by Jeffrey Barnes 

Kingdom Chaos: A Novel. by Jeff Dixon 

The Imagineering Pyramid: Using Disney Theme Park Design Principles to Develop and Promote Your Creative Ideas. by Louis Prosperi 

Creating Magic: 10 Common Sense Leadership Strategies from a Life at Disney. by Lee Cockerell






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