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Magic over the pond with Daniel McComb

In this episode of My Disney Class, Howie and Ryan welcome an incredible educator and this time they are coming to us from all the way over the pond in Preston England.  “Winds in the East, there’s a mist coming in, like something is brewing, about to began.” Our guest today may not be Mary Poppins but he is just as magical! Today, we welcome Daniel McComb to the show.

Daniel currently works as an educator at Cardinal Newman College in Preston England and has been working there for three years teaching students with special needs.  Daniel teaches courses in recreational activities, sport, literacy, and many more. He is an alumnus of Cardinal Newman and he has come back home to inspire his students with challenging and engaging lessons that reach beyond the classroom walls to bring high-interest topics to his students. For example, this year Daniel has brought Marvel comics into his literacy course. His students were asked to write a news report pretending that they were covering a Tony Stark press conference where Spiderman was being unmasked. His students even had a hard deadline to meet or they would be fired.

We hope you enjoy this episode with Daniel McComb as much as we enjoyed talking with him. His passion is very evident and he’s a special educator that goes beyond the average teacher to bring the Magic back to his classroom and students. Some would say that he is “practically perfect in every way!”








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