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FETC REFLECTIONS with Rae and Bruce

Today on the show, Howie and Ryan welcome two extraordinary individuals that happen to take part in the recent Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC). Both Rae Hughart and Bruce Umpstead are here to discuss their opinions on the conference as well as what they feel the future is for technology and its role in education.   

Rae comes to us from central Illinois and is currently a 6th-grade math teacher at Evans Jr High.  She is also the Director of training and development for the Teach Better Team. Bruce is joining us from Michigan where he is the Director of State programs at IMS Global.  He also serves as the FETC 2019 IT Track Chairperson and Host. They both bring a vast wealth of knowledge and passion to this discussion and we know that you’re going to love hearing their thoughts on FETC and technology in general.




Twitter: @raehughart

Instragram: @raehughart


Teach Better Academy website


Twitter: @umpstead


Linkin: Umpstead






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