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In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Ryan and Howie are doing something that they have never done before. Today show was recorded while Howie and Ryan were actually in the same state! Of course, they’re in Florida and more specifically Walt Disney World.

So what power after four years has brought them together in the most magical place on Earth? Well, it’s the power of professional development and not just plain jane development but a development that is immersive, custom, and the most magical kind of development our hearts desire.  We like to call it P.D. Magic!

In this episode, you will hear recordings taken from various parts of our first P.D. Magic cohort. You will hear their hopes for this course, their immersive learning that occurred on W.D.W. properties, and then finally their reflections of what magic they will bring back to their districts.

We hope that you will enjoy hearing about all the wonderful learning that occurred while down at Walt Disney World and we hope you may someday join us in the most magical P.D. in all the land!







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