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Morgan and Mason McGrew

On today’s show, Ryan and Howie welcome two brothers that have taken their passion and Pixar to a whole new level! Mason and Morgan McGrew have been working a passion project over the last few years to recreate Pixar’s Toy Story 3. They are doing this scene by scene using stop-motion animation. Why Toy Story 3? Well, just like most of us, the Toy Story characters, Woody, Buzz, Andy, Slinky Dog, the little green aliens, and the whole lot have touched our hearts and have connected with us through memories of our own childhood. For Morgan and Mason, they feel the same and this connection has blossomed into a project that has caught the attention of many including Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich.  We at My Disney Class podcast were also intrigued when we heard about them from our friend and past guest Professor Jerry Johnston from Buena Vista University.   Morgan has graduated from Buena Vista and his younger brother Mason is currently attending school there.


Listen as both Morgan and Mason share their process of how they are going about recreating each Toy Story 3 scene accurately and diligently. They also share their biggest challenges and greatest successes as they are moving towards the finish line of this wonderful passion project.  We loved hearing their story and how following your dream and working in your passion can help motivate all learners to do great things. When students are given the chance to pursue their passions and interest, you never know where it might lead.  Who knows, you might have a future Pixarist sitting in your school or classroom right now.



Toy Story 3 in Real Life Youtube page.

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