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Traveling with Walt, Greenfield Village.

On today’s show, Ryan and Howie travel to another of Walt Disney’s inspirational destinations.  This time we are going to visit Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum. Henry Ford made it his personal mission to preserve and record America’s technological and cultural progress.  His success in the automobile industry allowed him the assets and ability to create an exhibit hall that would display inventions and artifacts that told this story of America’s progress. We all know how Walt loved progress and he was an American history buff as well, so this was an obvious place for him and Lilian to visit.


Opening in 1933, the museum included many items from Ford’s personal collection.  It varied from automobiles to player pianos, from steam engines to grease pumps. Ford also build a collection of buildings that spanned behind the museum that he named Greenfield Village.  Most notable of the buildings he built was a replica of Independence Hall. This beautiful museum and village really do an incredible job of telling the story of America’s technological advances.


Howie and his wife were fortunate enough to travel to Dearborn Michigan and follow Walt’s footsteps as they visited the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.  Howie takes us through this space recalling the highlights and unique items that he and his wife encounter along the way. We really get a sense of what this massive land really encompasses from Howie’s description and we began to see how this place provided many inspirational ideas for Walt and Disneyland.  We also can see how drawing from inspirational places and items can help us in the classroom as well. Many teachers find inspiration in a variety of ways much like Walt did in his travels. We hope you enjoy today’s show and our trip to Greenfield Village.



Theme Park Insider-A Visit To America's Real First Theme Park-The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village.












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