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Thankful for

On today’s show, Howie and Ryan are sharing what they are thankful for and man do they have a lot to be thankful about.  First of all, we are so so thankful for all the listeners who support our podcast and educational adventures. We really appreciate all the love and friendships this show has brought us and are fortunate to have this opportunity that continues to give us so many wonderful connections.  

Howie also takes us through one of his recent educational adventures.  He was lucky enough to get to take a group of adult learners down to Walt Disney World to experience and practice photography in the most magical and picturesque place in the world.  He shares with us his experience in guiding this group and also lets us in on some of the fun they had each day.

We wrap up the show with some hints to some of the presents we are planning for you guys in the new year.  We are incredibly excited as we are working behind the scenes on some awesome educational opportunities that will not only add magic to your professional development but will also remind you of the joy and happiness that we experience with our students every day!








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