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Disney Chaos with Author Jeff Dixon

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcasts, Howie and Ryan welcome back a friend, a Disney expert, an author, and an all-around great guy, Mr. Jeff Dixon. Jeff is the author of the Key to the Kingdom series which is a fictional series of four books that follows the adventures of Grayson Hawkes as he attempts to solve a complicated series of puzzles laid out by none other than the man himself, Walt Disney. If you want to know more about Jeff and hear the discussion about one of his other books not in this series called The Disney Driven Life, go back and have a listen to Episode 18 from season 2.

For most of this episode, Ryan and Howie are discussing Jeff’s latest book in the Kingdom series titled, Kingdom Chaos.  Jeff describes the characters and plot of the story where a controversial President Tyler Pride and his family board a monorail at the Transportation and Ticket Center for a trip to the Epcot Resort. When the monorail arrives at Epcot, the president and his family are gone. A national crisis instantly explodes across the Disney resort. The president has been kidnapped. And if the president is missing at Walt Disney World, who better to find him than the man who knows Walt Disney World better than anyone who has ever lived, Grayson Hawkes?


Kingdom Chaos is definitely a political and ideological thriller, an action-adventure mystery, and, also, a story of how faith and politics sometimes clash. Like Dixon's past novels, Kingdom Chaos can best be described as "faction," a weaving of fact and fiction set in the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida. The places and locations are real, and the novel builds on events from the life of Walt Disney and the history of the Walt Disney World Resort. The sights, the sounds, and the secrets of the themed resort all become a part of solving the mystery and trying to save the president of the United States.


Howie and Ryan end the episode discussing one of Jeff’s many other projects which happens to be something all three of them are passionate about and that’s improving and advancing education. Jeff gives us the details on a brand new Charter school that he helped to visualize and develop and he now sits on the board of as board president. The school is called Creative Inspiration Journey School and you are going to want to hear what Jeff says about their mission and vision for the future of education!

As always we hope you enjoy this episode and we encourage you to drop us an email if you have any comments or questions. Also, please head over to iTunes/ Apple Music and gives us a rating and review. Your reviews help us improve the show and help get the message out that our show exists.




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Dixon, Jeff. The Disney-Driven Life: Inspiring Lessons from Disney History Theme Park Press. 

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