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Disney Fandom with Dr. Cody Havard


In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Ryan and Howie welcome Professor Cody Havard Ph.D. from Memphis University. Dr. Havard is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a Ph.D. in Sport Administration. His doctoral dissertation was on rivalry in intercollegiate athletics. Dr. Havard is currently an Associate Professor of Sport Commerce and the Coordinator of Research in the Kemmons Wilson School at the University of Memphis. He is the Director of the Bureau of Sport and Leisure Commerce and the KWS Coordinator of Research at the University of Memphis. Dr. Havard is also an avid Disney fan himself and uses Disney as a valuable learning tool in some of his college courses. 

On today’s show, Dr. Havard will share with us his background in education and Disney fandom which includes incredible amounts of research that he has conducted on how rivalry and fandom shape us as human beings. Most of us know based on our feelings that Disney can have a positive effect on our psyche but Dr. Havard will share actual data that he has collected that will enlighten us on the science behind our fandom. 

Dr. Havard will also share how he incorporates Disney into his college courses and also share the wonderful resources that he and his students are creating that educators can use in their classrooms today to make an impact with their students. We know you are going to enjoy the show today as we dive deep into data and the science behind Disney fandom.



Twitter: @chavardphd

University Of Memphis Profile




Disney vs. Comcast paper

Rivalry in Sport: Understanding Fan Behavior and Organizations 1st ed. 2020 Edition --Coming this summer!



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