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Hands Off! Teaching in a Pandemic.

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Ryan and Howie look to tackle the difficult role of the educator in our current situation due to the pandemic. Already a year into living with quarantines, masks, social distancing, and the root of it all, COVID, educators have been looking for ways to keep their students and themselves safe while still keeping the wonderment and awe of learning going for our students. 

Howie and Ryan have always been strong allies of the hands-on, real-world, problem-based, design thinking, approach to creating learning opportunities for students. Heck, they even wrote a book, Designing Disney Inspired Classrooms, that is packed with hands-on lesson ideas inspired by the most magical place on Earth, Magic Kingdom! We all know the importance of this style of learning for our students and how impactful it can be but how do educators create and implement these types of lesson plans with today’s COVID restrictions? What about if the school is teaching remotely? All these questions were bothering Ryan and Howie and in today’s episode, they look to tackle a couple of the hands-on lessons from their book and talk through how they can be reworked to still be engaging while meeting the safety requirements that may now be in place due to COVID.  

We hope our attempt at trying to work through these real challenges that we educators are facing daily and understand that we don’t have all the answers but starting and having these conversations, we know that we as educators will pull through and deliver the incredible educational opportunities our students are used to and deserve. 

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