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Your Story with Lou Prosperi.

In today’s episode, Ryan and Howie welcome back author and friend Lou Prosperi to talk about his new book Telling Your Story the Walt Disney World Way.  This is his third book in the series that started with The Imagineering Pyramid and was followed by The Imagineering Process. Before writing these books, Lou worked in the game industry for over ten years as a freelance game designer and writer where he worked on the creation of a role-playing game called Eathrdawn.  Currently, Lou works as a technical writer and instructional designer for a large enterprise software company where he creates technical documentation and training for software applications.  Lou is a long-time Disney fanatic which started when he and his wife spent their honeymoon at WDW in 1993.  Lou’s first book, The Imagineering Pyramid, has been a huge success and you can learn more about it and Lou’s story on a previous episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Season 2, Show 10. Also check out Season 4, Show 2 to hear all about Lou’s second book in the series, The Imagineering Process. 

On today’s show though we are discussing Lou’s third book and it’s all about communicating effectively. We all know the importance of communication and why we as educators need to be the best communicators possible and why we need to work with our students to become the best communicators possible. But did you know that the Imagineers have principles and techniques that they use daily to make the theme park experience the best possible experience that their guests can have? We all know and love the way Disney tells stories and know that they are the King of theme parks when it comes to the immersive story that each park draws us into but the story just doesn't tell itself. There are many intentional things that have been done by the Imagineers that help bring that story alive and help the guests move through the story. Lou has masterfully and understandably broken down these techniques used by Imagineers and teaches us how to apply them to our lives and communication skills. 

We really think you are going to enjoy Lou’s tour of his book and around Magic Kingdom, as we make stops at various landmarks in the park and learn what Imagineers are trying to communicate and how they masterfully execute that communication through smells, sounds, visuals, theming and much much more! 

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You can reach Lou on social media at:

Grab one or all 3 of Lou's books here:

Imagineering Pyramid.

Imagineering Process.

Tell Your Story the Walt Disney Way.

Facebook: Educators Who Love Disney


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