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Sending Stress To Neverland

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Howie and Ryan share ways they send stress to Neverland. Though we all would love to say that the profession of education is full of pixie dust every day, we know this isn’t always true. Especially this time of year, when most of us are just coming off of summer break and starting a new school year. This time is especially hectic and as soon as you scratch one item off of your to-do-list, you have to add six more items. If you add the fact that most of us this year are currently starting in a new model with new procedures due to COVID, stress levels are breaking record highs! 

In this episode, Ryan and Howie will share the ways they handle stress which to no one’s surprise has definite elements of Disney in them. We also would like to mention that in on way are Howie or Ryan mental health experts and in this podcast, we are just sharing what works for us. If you are having mental health issues please seek out help and guidance from a professional. 

We hope you enjoy this episode on stress and we know that you are doing great things in the classroom despite the added pressures this year. Please reach out to us if there is any way we could help you or your school and if you looking for a great support group of educators, come join our community of My Disney Class educators on our Facebook page, Educators who love Disney.


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