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Summer Dreaming

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Howie and Ryan welcome their partner and pal, Brian Collins back to the show to participate in some summer dreaming! Howie was inspired by a song in the 2008 Tinkerbell movie titled, “Come Fly With Me” and in this song is a line about dreams. So on today’s show, Howie, Ryan, and Brian are going to share what their childhood dreams were and what dreams they have now for their futures and the future of My Disney Class. 

You will hear how Howie originally thought he would run one or all of his dad’s four companies. Ryan shares how he used to create an amusement park in his backyard for the neighborhood kids and Brian gives us a glimpse at when the first seed was planted on his path to becoming a Disney Imagineer.  Also in this episode, there will be some behind-the-scenes peeks at what we are hoping to pull off for our My Disney Class community. Whether that’s future guests for our podcasts or future P.D. Magic trips, we're excited about what the future holds and we hope that you are too!

Remember to join the fun and supportive community we have in our Facebook group, Educators who love Disney, and don’t forget to rate and review our podcast on Apple music. Your support and feedback will only make us better and will give us our bearings as we start navigating the future waters of these dreams.


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