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When the crypt doors creak

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Howie and Ryan are getting into the fall spirit and sharing their top ten biggest thrills or scary experiences at Walt Disney World! This is sure to be a wild ride through the spinning teacups of Ryan and Howie’s minds and memories. So buckle up and don’t pick up any hitchhiking ghosts as we take a journey through the scariest experiences at WDW. 

By this time in the school year, most of us are really ready for a break and if you’re like Ryan you partake in the Halloween candy that is meant for your students way too much. That’s why we decided to just have a little bit of fun on today’s episode and share some of the scariest experiences that we’ve had in the parks. Now we know what you’re going to say,” Walt Disney World isn’t scary!” but we think you will agree that the experiences that we are sharing in this episode would scare even the bravest Gaston or even a braver Merida. We hope you enjoy this fun break as much as we did and we hope this encourages you to find those moments in your classroom when you can take a break with your students and have a little fun. We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween and like always we’d love to have you join our community over on Educators Who Love Disney Facebook group.


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