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Global Perspectives With Nadia King

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Ryan and Howie welcome to the show an incredible 4th-grade teacher in the Hernando School district, Brooksville FL. Howie and Ryan were lucky enough to meet Nadia as she attended the first cohort to go through the P.D. Magic experiential trip to Walt Disney World. Nadia, as well as everyone in that group, thoroughly impressed Howie, Brian, and Ryan as they all were willing to put themselves out there, have fun, and share with each other. This made the first P.D. Magic trip a huge success and one that changed each of us for the better!

Nadia talks about her last year and a half and how she has been implementing Disney with her elementary school students. You will love hearing about how she has implemented global perspectives and engaging Disney motivations with her school’s new Cambridge program. She also discusses some of the challenges of teaching in a COVID hybrid world and how she feels that these challenges are helping her students turn into the next digital creative generation. 


We hope you enjoy today’s show and our discussion with the wonderful Nadia King! Please keep the conversation going over on Educator’s Who Love Disney Facebook group and like always we would love any feedback you have. Please like and share our podcast on Apple Music and any other media platform you use.


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