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CTE with Bretton Schulz Part 2

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Howie and Ryan welcome back the Director of CTE at Georgetown ISD, Bretton Schulz. For the last show of Season 6, we had Bretton on and shared some interviews Howie did with some of the students in Bretton’s CTE program but we ran out of time to hear everything Bretton had to share about the incredible program and we had a couple more student interviews we knew you would want to hear as well. So we’ve invited Bretton back and we are finishing our discussion about what CTE is like at Georgetown ISD and we are going to share a few more student interviews and stories. 

In this second part of the interview, Bretton finishes discussing the many different pathways students can take in their CTE program and what some of the highlights are for each of them. He also discusses how these students have had doors opened to them in both the college and career paths they are on because of the education and hands-on experiences they received in these CTE classes. Bretton will also share some of the work they are doing to form partnerships with community businesses and other support they receive from their community. Plus, after we finish hearing from Bretton, we get to hear from two more Georgetown ISD students doing great things in their CTE pathway!

You definitely won’t want to miss this show as it is packed with stories of great educators and incredible students doing awesome things in CTE. Also, don’t forget to go back and download and listen to our previous podcasts that are also packed with great stories from previous guests and lots of Disney fun and facts.



Georgetown ISD CTE Homepage

Educators who love Disney Facebook page.





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