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Starting The Year The Edmagineering Way!

In today’s episode of My Disney Class Podcast, Howie and Ryan welcome back our Disney partner in crime, Brian Collins! Brian has been on the podcast many times and for a good reason. He is a former Imagineer, he is an educator, currently works in several fields bringing innovation to a multitude of problems, and well, he’s our friend. 

On today’s show, Brian is here to give us some inspiration and ideas on how we can bring innovation and creativity into our classroom this year. He not only gives us great ideas but does so in his typical Imagineering way, through fun and great stories! 

We hope you enjoyed our visit with our favorite former Imagineer. We here at My Disney Class Podcast, wish all of you an incredible and wonderful school year, and like always let us know if we can help make your year any more incredible, we love to help bring magic to education! Also if you haven’t already, remember to join the fun and supportive community we have in our Facebook group, Educators who love Disney, and don’t forget to rate and review our podcast on Apple music. Your support and feedback will only make us better!


Brian's Webpage WDW With Me

Educators who love Disney Facebook page.





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