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Future Of Education Through Personalized Learning

In today’s My Disney Class Podcast episode, Ryan and Howie talk in-depth about what’s going on at Ryan’s school in regard to a new approach to student choice and voice. Ryan plays the role of guest as Howie interviews him to find out more about the new personalized learning academies that his school is working on for next year.

On today’s show, Ryan shares how his personal educational journey in personalized learning started and how that journey merged with other educators in his district, as well as, his district’s mission and vision. He shares how the educators at his school laid out a very structured and focused plan to help come to the execution phase of the personalized learning academies that he and his co-workers are on the verge of starting next year. Ryan then shares how visiting certain other schools in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Kansas City, Missouri have helped shape what will become the Design Academy. The show ends with some discussion on getting buy-in from the community and fellow educators, as well as, defining what Ryan hopes to accomplish for his students in this new learning format. 

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Ryan about his exciting journey and plans for the future in delivering personalized educational opportunities to his students. Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to join the fun and supportive community we have in our Facebook group, Educators who love Disney. Don’t forget to rate and review our podcast on Apple Music. Your support and feedback will only make us better!


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