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The Cobblestone with Jerry Johnson

In today’s My Disney Class Podcast episode, Ryan and Howie welcome back one of our favorite guests, the always-inspiring Jerry Johnson. Jerry is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Strategic Public Relations at Buena Vista University. Jerry has produced and directed various documentaries, short films, corporate videos, news specials, and promotions. Under his direction, the Digital Media students at Buena Vista have received many awards for their work in these areas. Many most importantly, Jerry is considered the on-campus Disney expert! 

On today’s show, Ryan and Howie have Jerry on to talk about his latest and greatest project, The Cobblestone documentary. This documentary that Jerry is leading a team of his students to create is about the historic Cobblestone, a unique music venue located in Storm Lake, Iowa that featured performances by bands from the Big Band era. Jerry talks about how his team of students is working as historians as they document, film, and interview the preservationist and former patrons of the historic Cobblestone. Jerry shares lots of stories that he and his students have gathered and how they build upon this to patch together the fascinating history of this iconic music venue. There is one thing that becomes really clear for Jerry and his students, and that is that everyone has a story about the Cobblestone! 

We hope you enjoyed our talk today with Jerry Johnson about his latest student project and documentary. We also hope you are inspired to work with your students on a project that looks to preserve the past as well. As the Cobblestone served as the hub for the community to gather, there are many historic buildings like this one that need to be preserved, not just for their cultural and historical significance, but also as a way to connect us to our past and inspire us for the future. 

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