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Animal Kingdom Is 25 Years Old!

In today’s My Disney Class Podcast episode, Ryan and Howie are again excited to explore Disney's magic through an educational lens. Howie and Ryan, delve into the educational opportunities provided by Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Ryan and Howie begin by acknowledging the special milestone of Animal Kingdom Park and discuss the park’s evolution since its opening in 1998. They also highlight the park's unique focus on conservation, environmental education, and showcasing the natural world. Of course, Howie and Ryan share some of their personal experiences and memories of the park over the years since it opened and emphasize its immersive theming and educational value. 

The hosts then dive deeper and explore the educational potential of Animal Kingdom Park as a rich resource for teachers and educators. They emphasize the park’s various themed lands, such as Discovery Island, Africa, Asia, and Pandora - The World of Avatar, each offering distinct educational experiences. They then discuss how teachers can leverage these immersive environments to create engaging lessons in subjects like Science, Biology, Geography, Cultural Studies, and Environmental awareness.  

We hope you enjoyed our episode today about the educational possibilities offered by Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park. We hope we encouraged you to explore the park’s resources, tap into its immersive environments, and use it as a catalyst for sparking students’ curiosity, imagination, and love for learning.

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