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Esterland with Maria Esterline

In today’s My Disney Class Podcast episode, Ryan and Howie welcome back to the show, Maria Esterline. Maria is a very passionate educator that has been in education for 20 years. She has worked in various roles but is always on the mission to better education for all stakeholders, especially our children.  Currently, Maria is working for the University of Florida teaching a few online classes with a future in-person class that she developed for the spring. She is also a full-time teacher at Kanapaha Middle School in Gainsville Florida. At Kanapaha, she is teaching 6th-grade math and loving being back in the classroom. 

In this episode, Maria catches us up on her educational journey and how she is bringing the magic of Esterland to life for her 6th-grade students. She shares with us the power of building trust and community in a classroom and how that has impacted her classroom both academically and behaviorally. Maria gives us some insight and tools to create this magical environment in our classroom like the one she has developed and named Esterland for her students. You will also hear Maria's passion and heart for her students and education in general, which drives her to be the best educator she can be. Maria models this passion for excellence by continuing her learning at the University of Florida in classes that help her develop her teaching toolbox. She models what it takes to be a life-long learner by sharing the challenges and successes she has in her classes with her students. We believe you will feel Maria's love for her students and the educational system in today’s podcast and we know that Maria will inspire you as much as she inspires us! 

We hope you enjoyed hearing from our friend and incredible educator, Maria Esterline today.  She definitely represents all that is good in education today. Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, remember to join the fun and supportive community we have in our Facebook group, Educators who love Disney, and don’t forget to rate and review our podcast on Apple music. Your support and feedback will only make us better!


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