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Disney Resolutions 2024


Welcome back, educators and Disney enthusiasts, to another exciting episode of My Disney Class! In this episode, hosts Ryan and Howie dive into the latest happenings at Walt Disney World for the new year. Join them as they explore the plusses and minuses of the various changes and share their perspectives. Additionally, the hosts discuss New Year's resolutions for education in 2024, providing insights and goals for the upcoming academic year.

Howie and Ryan start by discussing the latest developments and changes at Walt Disney World for the new year. This includes new attractions, refurbishments, and other noteworthy updates within the parks. They look at each of these changes and give the positive and negative aspects of each. They also share their personal experiences and insights on how these changes might impact the overall guest experience. To wrap this show and 2023 up, Ryan and Howie reflect on the past year in education and discuss the evolving landscape of our wonderful profession. They share their resolutions for the new academic year, focusing on innovative teaching methods, technology integration, and student engagement. They also discuss the importance of continuous learning and professional development for educators, like the magical P.D. Magic conference coming up this June. 

We hope you enjoyed our episode today where we looked back at 2023 to help us look forward to 2024! If you enjoyed the show, please subscribe, leave a review, and share with fellow educators. Stay tuned for more captivating episodes as we continue our journey through the world of education and innovation, Disney style!






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