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More than just a space!

With Dr. Robert Dillon and Rebecca Hare

In this episode of My Disney Class Podcast, we welcome back educator, designer, and just all around fabulous person, Rebecca Hare to the show.  If you are looking for her previous show, it’s show number 4 from Season 1. Wow, could two years have really gone by that fast! Well, this time Rebecca is joined by another incredible leader in education that also is an expert in designing educational spaces with a purpose.  


There is so much good to share with you about these two that we can’t even begin to cover it all in this little show note but here is a brief summary of some of the great things they have done or are currently doing.  


Rebecca works for the Clayton school district, which is in the St. Louis area, as an Art and Design instructor for both middle school and high school students.  Rebecca brings her past experience as a professional designer and global mindfulness to her students and challenges them to look at the world differently and bring their own unique perspectives to real-world problem-solving.  She is a dominant force in inspiring change for the better in the educational community and has helped many districts rethink how they design learning spaces with intent and purpose.


Dr. Robert Dillon currently works as the Director of Innovation Learning for University City schools, which is also in the St. Louis area #STLproud, Dr. Dillon has also served in a variety of leadership roles in education, including as an Assistant Principal and Head Principal in several public schools.  He too is a force for change in education as he often shares thought-provoking perspectives that challenge educators to focus on the real question or questions at hand. Dr. Dillon also contributes to the leadership team of an organization called Connected Learning. This organization works in the St. Louis area with a focus on reshaping educational professional development.


Both Rebecca and Robert teamed up a couple years ago and decided to help share their mutual passion for purposeful design by writing a book that was inspired by the process they both went through together designing learning spaces in the Affton School District.  The book is titled THE SPACE: A Guide for Educators. We are so happy that they could take time out of their busy schedules and share with us their expertise on this subject as Howie and Ryan both throw some burning questions they have about their book, design in general, and design in action.  Ryan definitely admits to being on the basement level when it comes to designing learning spaces but Rebecca and Robert do a wonderful job of bringing him up to speed and tackling the big picture questions by honing them down to specific ideas that can be put into practice by any educator.


Hopefully, you will join us on today’s show as Howie and Ryan talk and learn about how we might rethink the spaces we teach in.


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