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Picture Perfect End To The School Year. Part 2

On today’s episode, Ryan and Howie continue their discussion on using cell phones and apps in the classroom.  You can tell that they are “Appy and they know it” in this show as they take turns sharing different apps and tools to make educating more efficient, engaging, and effective.  


Organizing apps in the different ways that they may help you can be an effective way to think about which apps you may want to use in your classroom.  Otherwise the sheer number of apps out there some may find quite overwhelming. Some apps that Howie and Ryan share to help acquire information are apps like; Kahoot, Epic!, and Google Hangouts.  Apps that help you make meaning of things include; Symbaloo, SeeSaw, and Padlet. So you get the idea, breaking down the different categories of apps for you and sharing some of our favorites in each category was really fun.  Hopefully, you find it fun and valuable to your professional growth. Ryan and Howie love sharing what others have taught them and this episode was filled with resources that they picked up all over their PLN. Now it’s your turn to try some out and share your favorites with other educators, so they too can bring the magic of apps to their teaching.  

We hope you enjoy this part 2 of “Picture Perfect End To The School Year.”  There are plenty more apps that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.  We may have to jump back into this topic from time to time.





Poll Everywhere

Explain Everything

Google Classroom







Khan Academy

Wolfram Alpha












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