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Disney 1928 Content


New uploads  November 1-2015


Simple K12

Digital Literacy Fundamentals:  What Every Teacher Need to Know

70 Slides - Download PPT


Simple K12

Literacy Across Learning: Information and Critical Thinking Skills

150 - Slides-Download PPT


Simple K12 - Digital Literacy Fundementals-What Evefry Yeacher Need To Know   Download File 65 Slides 


PowerPoint from MyDisneyClass podcast S1-E3.5   Phantom Manor - Halloween -BACKSTORY  Download PowerPoint


Simple K12 - Digital Literacy Fundementals-What Evefry Yeacher Need To Know  ( Download File 65 Slides  )


 Simple K12 - How To Promote Digital Literacy In The Classroom With Content Creation ( Download File 104 Slides )


Building Creative Teachers -Teach Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills    Download File Here:


Creating Innovators: Students Changing The World  Download File Here:


27 Best Tools For Educators – 2015 Download File Here:



Disney 1971 Content


Digital Literacy Skills: Critical Thinking & problem Solving

Download File Here:


Cultivation Creativity In The Classroom as “Disney Imagineers”1 Week version

Download File Here:


21 Ways To Connect & Integrate Social Media Into Classrooms

Download File Here:



Disney 1998 Content


Thank you for requesting the "Imagineering Classrooms" hand book.

Please understand that the PDF’s are still in the revision phase.


Imagineering Classrooms: Unofficial Training Guide For “Disney Imagineering Educators”


9-Week version-346 PAGES -Content flow-updated.  Pages are in the process of being updated in table of contents


Download File Here


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