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Hi Dr. DiBlasi,

 I have had the absolute pleasure of implementing your Disney STEM project to my 5th grade enrichment group.  I have never had students more engaged in a project!  In an attempt to really make the PBL authentic.


I was hoping that there may be a place we can upload our ride designs and models for a “submission”?  I realize that you have no affiliation with Disney but it would be great if we could really send our ideas someplace to be accepted (i.e. photographs of our models, our drawings and written ride descriptions).  Please let me know if such a thing exists!!  I am so psyched to do this project again next year.


 Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication on this amazing project!


Imagineering Classrooms: Design a Theme park Attraction - P.B.L/ S.T.E.M. Lessons

Download PDF Leaders 9 week version


Download PDF Leaders 2 week version


       What's the Maker Movement and Why Should I Care?

Download Word Doc


       How the Maker Movement is Transforming Education

Download Word Doc


       Makerspace in Education

Download Word Doc


       Makerspace Moments: Creativity and Science with LEGOs (TPiB Lego Challenge Ideas)

Download Word Doc


       What is Genius Hour? Where did the idea come from and how did it start? Why do it?

Download Word Doc


       24 Unique Maker Education Resources For Teaching & Learning

Download Word Doc


       Minecraft in the Classroom Teaches Reading and More

Download Word Doc


       Why arduino is great for the classroom

Download Word Doc


Downloads From EdCampMagic


Steve Alcorn (Retired Disney Imagineer/Engineer) has provided a 80% discount to mydisneyclass- on his On-line "Theme Park Design Class"


Note from Steve Alcorn:

The code provides 80% off of $299, or $59 for your students. The code is  DEALORL


Web link:


or the direct link is with the CODE INCLUDED:

Steve Alcorn – Retired Disney Imagineer/Engineer has been kind enough to provide us a  DISCOUNT TO THE “Theme Park Design Class”.


Class outline:

If you want to design theme parks for a living, here's the class that shows you how! It's a fun class for everyone. Your instructor, Steve Alcorn, helped design Epcot. Since then his company has provided designs for thousands of attractions worldwide. In Theme Park Design you'll explore:

  • Art Direction

  • Story Writing

  • Themed Architecture

  • Ride Control

  • Show Control

  • Audio and Video

  • Lighting

  • Mechanics and Hydraulics

  • Animatronics


My Disney Class
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