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Communicore Weekly


Walt Disney World and Disneyland Examined with some Disney History (podcasts)

Hosts Matt and Nate discuss the history of Disney theme parks and the Walt Disney Co. In examining we look at influences that shaped the company including projects and eras. We look at attractions and themed lands including the architectural styles and inspiration behind many of the decisions that the Walt Disney Co has made over the years.


Links will be provided on Aug. 17-2015


WEDway Radio #059 - A Journey Through Liquid Space


WEDway Radio #058 - Lost Disneylandia: Early Concepts


WEDway Radio #057 - Progressland and the Carousel of Progress:1964 Worlds Fair


WEDway Radio  #108 - Pushing the Envelope: Pixar


WEDway Radio  #111 - Tomorrowland 1.0


WEDway Radio  #110 - Lost Epcot Rediscovered


WEDway Radio  #115 - Date Night at Disneyland


WEDway Radio  #114 - Walt's Dream: 30 Years of Discovery


Communicore Weekly is a weekly podcast exploring all the geeky things about Disney hosted by full time Dis-Nerds George Taylor and Jeff Heimbuch! 


On any given episode, you can find the following segments:

It’s Time For Disney History -Ever wonder about the ins and outs of certain attractions, movies, and more? Allow us to fill you in on some of the geeky Disney knowledge we have acquired!

George’s Book Of The Week – George is librarian. So naturally, he reads a lot of books. Who better to review the massive amount of Disney-related books out there?

Zak Explains It All – Zak breaks down some of the more technical explanations of things for us common folk.

Five Legged Goat – Hidden throughout the Disney Theme Parks are tributes and references to former attractions, shows, and the Imagineers who built them. We point them out to you so you can point them out to your friends and family!

In The Hot Seat – In this segment separate from the regular show, we interview Disney celebrities!


podcasts links here Aug 17-2015



 – George and Jeff ch-ch-ch-chug along and talk about the steam trains of the Disney Parks!


– Jeff and George travel round and round as they ride the King Arthur Carrousel!


Jeff and George are in a sticky situation in this week’s episode…Timey-Wimey, Spacey-Wacey: Communicore Weekly’s Tribute to Time Travel and Disney’s Look at the Future!


Join Jeff and George as they travel merrily merrily merrily on their way to Nowhere in Particular while discussing Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!


Travel to the wilds of Bay Lake as Jeff and George visit the now abandoned Discovery Island!


Want to read the greatest ride that never was? Well, sorry, because it never was! But you can learn all about it, when Jeff and George talk about the Western River Expedition!


Prepare yourselves for a spectacular festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination as Jeff and George look into the bright lights of the Main Street Electrical Parade!


Take trip around Tomorrowland as Jeff and George explore the PeopleMover!


Jeff and George travel through the history of transportation when they explore the World of Motion!


Jeff and George look at the patriotic extinct attraction America Sings in This Week In Disney History!


Jeff and George look at the patriotic extinct attraction America Sings in This Week In Disney History!


Jeff and George journey into the 5th dimension to learn about the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror!


Jeff and George talk about the storied history of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit!

WEDway Radio


Disney History Investigation


Explore the podcasts below for ideas on how to use Disney Hisory of theme parks, attraction, Imagineering, Animantronics, patents, research, movie and music.


Ideas could incluse Google searches, reserach, biographies, transportation, researching drawings and illustrations, models, concept drawings, storytelling, class presentation, theme park design projects and...... and ....


The 4th Word...... Think about starting the conversation with ...."How might we....."

(Thank you to for the ideas-


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