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PD Magic Information

PD Magic: Edmagineering The 21st Century Classroom

PD Certification Credit available

What YOU need to know!

Become an Edmagineer with On-Line

PD CEU classes & A Trip to Walt Disney World

CEU PD Credits Available

Educators Price $600.00

Airfare, Hotel and Food NOT Included

We will provide connections to a Disney Planner to secure your room and park tickets

PD Magic Class - Things I Need To Know

Contact for questions

  1. Dates: June 19-23 - 5 days – 4 nights

  2. Class is limited to 15 Guests – First come – First registered.

  3. Fly in June19 – Please arrive before 2 PM – We will have an Opening Session at 4:00 PM

    1. Free transportation on Disney Magical Express from the airport to the Disney’s Pop Century Resort

  4. Rooms at Disney’s Pop Century Resort will be for 4 nights – Rates are currently $ 165 a night – You may add additional nights if you want to stay longer.

    1. If there are 2 in a room the cost will be $85.00 ea person per night

    2. If you are local in the Orlando area  no cost to you on the room

  5. 5 day 4 park tickets @ $465.00 – If you are local have and have an Annual Pass you can use it for this event – BALANCE due for room and 5 day park tickets May 1-2020

  6. We will provide access to a Certified Disney Planner to secure the best price on rooms and park tickets.  You will only be required to make a $200.00 deposit with Disney, to secure your room reservation and your 5 day park pass.

  7. To secure a spot in the class and trip you MUST e-mail and PRE-Register.  There are 15 spots available and will be determined by date and time of the e-mail requesting registration.

  8. A $100.00  deposit is required to process your registration – this can be secured by a personal check or PayPal- The  $100.00 deposits MUST be made by Nov. 30-2019 to secure you registration

    1. PayPal link here:

    2. If it is necessary to cancel for some reason, the following applies;

    3. Up to Nov. 1  Full Refund $100.00

    4. Up to Nov. 15  50% Refund $50.00

    5. After  Nov.  30    No Refund

  9. Airfare- We will send you weekly reminders on the best available prices for your airfare.

  10. The PD Magic Class Registration Fee of  $600.00 will be due on the following dates.  This can be secured by a personal check or PayPal-

    1. On registration date = $100.00 - EXAMPLE:  Aug 15

    2.  30 days from registration date= $100.00  Sept 15

    3.  60 days from registration date= $100.00  Oct5 15

    4.  90 days from registration date= $100.00  Nov 15

    5. 120 days from registration date = $100.00  Dec 15

    6. 120 days from registration date = $100.00  Jan 15

  11. Final Room and park ticket payment due to Disney. May 1-2020


Course Description:

Ever wondered how one man, Walt Disney, created a Magic Kingdom?  Join us and register to learn, dream, explore, design, and wonder. Understand how to  create a classroom that provides your students with these same feelings. This educational Graduate course is designed to do just that.  In this two (2)  credit hour ONLINE course we explore how Walt Disney embodied these traits and how he inspired others around him to help build his Magic Kingdom. We will then take these ideas of creativity, storytelling, leadership, innovation and guest service and apply them to creating classroom magic and even the bigger picture of crafting the schools of tomorrow.


This course requires online, blended learning and an on-line experiential learning experience.  The online portion will consist of discussions, lectures, interactive activities, research investigations, media/literacy projects, lessons, teamwork and collaboration between classmates and instructors.  Two sessions will provide interactions and learning opportunities with park cast members and other Disney related professionals. Each class activity will help lead participants to a final project that will conclude this course’s requirements. 


The overall goal of this course is to provide participants with instructional methods, concepts, strategies and activities that they will be able to apply to their classroom and schools immediately.  Collaboration, curiosity, critical/design thinking, and storytelling are all important 21st century skills that not only do our students need to master but we as educators can continue to improve upon also.  This course will help participants do both and all through the same lens that made Walt Disney and the Disney Company so successful and innovative.

Updated HERE:


PD To A Higher Degree:

On-Line Sessions will include:


Section 1 - The Creativity and Innovative World of Walt Disney

Section 2 - Creative Storytellers

Section 3 - Innovative Designers

Section 4 - Memorable Leaders

Section 5 - Blue Sky Thinkers

Section 6 - Knowledge Constructors

Section 7 - Empowered Learners

Section 8 - Reflections and Classroom Implementation



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