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Introducing ourselves and the new podcast “My Disney Class”


Episode 1: 8-24-15  ( 1st MAGIC MONDAY!)


In show number 1, Howie and Ryan take a few minutes to introduce themselves and what they hope this new adventure of “My Disney Class” brings about.  They discuss what My DIsney Class is, and where the idea came from, and what they hope listeners get from it.  They will also discuss what the format for the show will be, including some of the segment ideas and possibly hints to some of the upcoming quests they have lined up.  They will also share why they are passionate about Disney and how their passions has brought them together in this joint mission to help bring ideas for innovation, storytelling, creativity, and the principal foundations of what makes Disney, Disney into the classroom. They will also talk about the companion website that will spotlight incredible educators from around the globe and be packed with resources that teachers can use in their classrooms.





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