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31 Flavors of Professional Conferences!

Join Ryan and Howie as they discuss attending and making the most out of a variety of professional conferences.  Whether you are interested in a more traditional national / state conference or you want to stay home and professionally develop in your PJs. Your classroom magic guides Howie and Ryan, help break down what conferences are all about.  This show starts out looking at state conferences and the we look back and reflect on our experiences at FETC ( Florida Education Technology Conference ) and METC ( Midwest Education Technology Community ).  We then move on to discuss Edcamps and discuss what a unconferences.  Ryan and Howie focus on one of the best. In our bias opinion, EdcampMagic! Last but not least, we weren't teasing when we said professionally develop in your PJs.  We end the show by talking about both video conferencing and webinars.  Join us on this episode as we discuss the pluses and differences of each of these options and how all three can bring a little magic to your professional learning experiences.




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