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In today’s show Ryan and Howie welcome professor Jerry Johnson from Buena Vista University.  Jerry is an innovating educator that has captured the Magic of Walt Disney world and crafted it into a college course that spans all disciplines.  Jerry is a wonderful educator that has a rich history in media and media development.  He continues to work in media as an assistant professor of digital media at Buena Vista University.  It was here that Jerry teamed up with Henry Hardt professor of business law and finance.  Together they designed and developed a course titled “Storytelling with Walt Disney.”  This soon grew to include a travel portion of the course where students actual traveled for two weeks with Jerry to learn on Walt Disney World property from actual Walt Disney World Cast members.  They called this the the  “Disney Single” and later boosted this to a “Disney Double” which included a trip to Disneyland.  They even have done a “Disney Double” and plussed it by ending with a Disney cruise. Can we call this the “Disney Trifecta?”  If you are like Howie and I, right about now you are registering to be a student at Buena Vista!


This show is packed with awesome information and stories that Jerry shares about how he brings Disney to his University students and the staff of Buena Vista.  Jerry shares the 8 key storytelling strategies his students learn which are; SERVICE, PRESENTATION, LISTEN, IMAGE, COLLABORATION, EXPERIENCE, MEMORABLE, & MAGIC.  He talks about how his students use these principles learned from Disney and his course and apply them to all their classes as well as in their lives.  He teaches his students that everybody has a story to tell and he helps them develop their story to share with the world.  Join us for this episode of MyDisneyClass as we share Jerry’s story and the power of Disney at the University level!








“Storytelling with Walt Disney,” it’s not just for little kids anymore! Discussion with University Professor Jerry Johnson.


I'm So Disney

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