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Lessons From A Mouse

So what can we learn from a mouse and the man that started it all so many years ago? Join Howie and Ryan as they welcome special guest Tim Wilhelmus who serves as the  Innovation, Curriculum and Technology Specialist for Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.  


We start off talking to Tim about  how he fell in love with Disney and his journey to digging deeper, to peek behind the curtain and see how it all works and what exactly sparked his Disney plus education love. Tim then shares how this curiosity brought Tim to the conclusion that these experiences guests were having at WDW should be and could be the same experiences that schools give their students.  


Tim discusses how ideas like positive messaging and intention can be transferred over to your classroom or school.  Tim also talks about how he is packaging these ideas into professional development that he delivers to his staff and how they receive the message with a little added pixie dust.  


One of wonderful professional development programs Tim leads his staff through with fellow college Jeff Tron, is called "Lessons from a Mouse".  


Listen as Tim talks about how you can take these lessons to your students and staff and why they just might make your classroom the happiest place on Earth.




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